Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Integral Ecology book to be published in 2008

Several years ago, Sean Esbjörn-Hargens and I began writing Integral Ecology: Uniting Multiple Perspectives on the Natural World, which will be published in late summer, 2008, by Shambhala. We hope that this book will encourage more and more people to adopt the integral approach to characterizing and resolving environmental problems. Below, I am including the projected table of contents. The cover illustration is still under development, but I’m including a version of it.

Integral Ecology

Table of Contents

Forward: The Public Lives of Animals – Marc Bekoff PhD

Introduction: Whose Environment is it?

Part I – The Historical Context and Conceptual Framework of Integral Ecology
Chapter One: The Inclusion of Interiority: Redefining the Humanity-Nature Relationship
Chapter Two: It’s All About Perspectives: The Integral Model
Chapter Three: A Developing Kosmos
Chapter Four: Developing Interiors

Part II – The WHAT, WHO, and HOW of Ecological Phenomena
Chapter Five: Defining, Honoring, and Integrating the Multiple Approaches to Ecology
Chapter Six: Ecological Terrains: The WHAT that is Examined
Chapter Seven: Ecological Selves: The WHO that is Examining
Chapter Eight: Ecological Research: HOW we Examine

Part III – The WHAT, WHO, and HOW Framework Applied
Chapter Nine: Ecological Harmony and Environmental Crisis in a Postnatural World
Chapter Ten: Cultivating Integral Ecological Awareness
Chapter Eleven: Integral Ecology in Action

Part IV – Applications of Integral Ecology in Self, Other, and World
Case Study 1: Integrating Interiority in Community Development – Gail Hochachka
Case Study 2: Integral Marine Ecology and Fishery Management in Hawai’i
– Brian Tissot
Case Study 3: Integral Ecology and Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest – Darcy Riddell

Conclusion: The Integral Ecology Advantage

Appendix: 150 Perspectives on Ecology

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